Are Bail Bondsman Cops?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the powers and the ability of a bail bondsman.  In many states, a bondsman is a legal representative of the court.  They are sworn in by the courts to perform specific actions.  Those that work in bailbonds Vista are required to follow a strict code of conduct but are given greater liberties in certain matters.

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For instance, a bondsman who might work for a company like Acme Bail Bonds will be given a strict set of rules and guidance they will need to follow.  A bondsman is not a police officer or a cop, but they do have many of the same abilities as a sworn officer.

To start with, they are able to carry a gun.  This gun must be holstered and registered with the state and they are only allowed to draw the weapon in situations where their life or the lives of other are in question.  They do not have the right just to pull out the gun and use it like Dick Tracey or wild west lawman.

They will also need to have a badge and will be required to announce their presence when pursuing a fugitive.  A bondsman must also have papers and proof that a person they are looking for has broken the bond.  Typically, they will have to go to a judge, get a bench warrant issued before they are able to make an arrest.

Most bounty hunters are independent contractors which means that they can work wherever they are licensed.  They are also able to cross state lines in pursuit of a fugitive as well.  When in another state however, they will need to bring the fugitive to a local police station, present their warrant and papers and be given permission to transport that individual out of state lines back to the state of origin.