Knowing Where Your Money Goes In Bills

Nobody wants to spend money on bills.  Each month you are paying for your power, water, cable, and a slew of other expenses that will make your head spin.  When it comes to the start of the month you are all happy to see your paycheck sit in the bank to only begin to cry when all of it flows out into the hands of other people.  However, there are ways to help reduce your bills and to keep most of the money in your pockets.  This is known as home energy audits queensbury.

With a home energy audit you can learn where you are spending your money, what is costing you money and what steps you can take to reduce the expenditures and keep more of that hard earned cash in your pockets.

Heating and air

The first thing that we will look at is your heating and air.  This is typically where the majority of your money will go each month.  When you run your air conditioner, heater, fans and other devices to keep you cool and comfortable the power needed for these devices isn’t much, however, running all the time due to seepage losses can be quite painful.

home energy audits queensbury

You will want to see if you have any air leaking out through cracks in the windows, doors and other areas.  These cracks may seem small and unimportant, but over time they will drain your heating and cooling to the point that it starts adding up.

Water leaks

You will also want to look at water leaks.  A small drip may not seem like much and over the course of time it may not be, however, with every drop that escapes it is one less drop that you didn’t have to pay for. 

When it comes to an audit learning where the weak points of your home and your options can really make a difference on your bottom line.