How to Keep Mosquitos Away

While summer is a great time of the year filled with sunshine and warm weather, suits are an unwelcome part of the year that we must remember. Mosquitos are blood thirsty pees who come out and ruin all of the fun. They need blood to reproduce and come anywhere they scene water. If you are tired of mosquitos ruining the summer and want to reduce the risks of developing a disease, check out some of the best ideas for keeping mosquitos away.

Citronella Products

Citronella candles, incense, bracelets and other products can be placed outdoors while you are outside to keep mosquitoes away. Some products work better than others and the results do vary from one situation to the next. They’re inexpensive and sold at most home improvement stores.


Foggers also provide mosquito protection but they come with a few more risks than a citronella candle or product. This is an especially helpful product when mosquitos are trapped in the basement or inside of a building.

Rid the House of Standing Water

Mosquitoes can smell water for more than one mile away. Even one teaspoon is enough to attract his pest to your home. Removing all water sources from the exterior of the home nips the problem in the bud. Inspect the exterior of the home thoroughly to make sure all water is removed. Consider hiring a professional to take care of this task.

Professional Mosquito Treatment

The best and most effective technique to use to keep mosquitos away from your home is with professional treatment. Call professionals out to provide residential mosquito treatment richmond and you’ll worry less during the summer when there’s something you want to do.

Final Word

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Securing your property against mosquitos is simple thanks to a plethora of options, including those above. Do not wait until mosquitos interrupt your summer fun to take action when the treatments above can help you get out there and enjoy life without the worry of pests.