What Are The Different Types Of Dental X-Rays?

Your oral health plays a vital role in maintaining your overall health and wellness. When you start experiencing any level of dental problem, your first reaction is to visit the dentist. However, the dentist needs to evaluate your dental condition in detail and hence requires a dental x-ray. This is a normal procedure followed by dentists to analyze and assess your dental condition.

A dental x ray port charlotte process is very straightforward and safe, plus if your dentist is to treat any dental issue, they’ll want to see an x-ray first.

You’ll be surprised to know that there’s not one but different kinds of dental x-rays. Here are some of the common intraoral type of x-rays.


In this type of dental x-ray, you’ll be required to bite down on a particular piece of paper or plastic. By doing so, the dentist will be able to mark if the crows of your teeth are matching up to each other or not.

If you’re wondering when this type of dental x-ray is used, you should know that it is performed for cavities. It helps the dentist look for any cavities (interdental) that might be present between your teeth.

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In this type of dental x-ray, you’ll have a machine that will rotate around your head. It is done to look for any wisdom teeth, investigate any jaw issues, or investigate any dental device requirements.


In this type of dental x-ray, all your teeth are captured in one go. It can help the dentist see how your top and bottom teeth are lined up. It also helps the dentist to detect any signs of abnormalities in your mouth.


In the given dental x-ray, two of your teeth will be focused on, starting from the root to their crown.