Why Do Cement Floor Shine?

Have you ever walked into a room and just had to stop because you felt you were going to slip and fall?  For many people who have shiny floors this is the first impression that they get.  From there, most people are afraid to walk on the floors because they are so shinny and slick.  When it comes to looking at these types of floors we are talking about epoxy floor products being used to achieve this look and feel.

Preparing the floor

epoxy floor products

This coating can be applied to any smooth surface floor.  However, the most popular are going to be concrete or cement floors.  When we apply this coating to the floors, we have a long painstaking process that if done wrong will result in imperfections in the final product.

The first step is to remove everything.  You will want to sweep the floor completely, use an air blower to get into the cracks and crevasse and mop the floor several times starting with soap and water and then nothing but water to ensure that all of your cleaning products are removed.

Once your floor is clean and spotless you want to make sure that it is completely dry and not walked on until you are ready to apply the product.  To start with you want to work in small sections of the floor.  You want to apply the product in small batches, spread out the epoxy make sure it is level and no bubbles or other imperfections are visible.

When applying this you will need to know that it is a time-consuming process.  It will take several hours to apply and several hours to dry.  When applying the product, you can also add additional content such as flakes of material or broken stone.  This will give the floor a more attractive look.  However, make sure that you don’t have areas that have clumps of this material.  If you do, it can ruin your entire floor.